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Make Your Own Wine!

From beginner to advanced, Quirky Homebrew Supply has what you need!

Basic Wine Making Equipment Kits

Quirky has all the individual items you need for purchase or the convenience of the BSG Select Homebrew Equipment Kit series. This box contains what you need to start your wine making journey. Even experienced vintners use the same gear. We chose these kits as our primariy offering as everything inside you will use again and again. As you increase your wine making skills and expand your styles, you can continue to use everything these kits offer. It is your choice to upgrade, supplement or replace items. We do occasionally stock other equipment kits with slightly different items. Take care of your equipment and it will last for years and years of wine making fun.

We all start somewhere-Start with Quirky today!

The RJ Spangols Line available at Quirky Homebrew Supply!

RJS has long been a popular choice among home winemakers and has an ever expanding line of wine kits from beginner to advanced, the results are why so many home wine makers look for this label. We can special order any kit that is available at any time, no additional charge. They do vary season to season. We either carry or can order the entire line. The RJ Spangols line includes the following labels: * Vino Del Vida * Vino Del Vida World Tour * Grand Cru * Grand Cru International * Cellar Classic * Cellar Classic Winery * Cru Select * En Primeur * Orchard Breezin * The RQ (Restricted Quality) program kits, specialty kits like ice wine, ports and wine cocktails are also avilable.

RJ Spangols at Quirky Homebrew-If you want a kit we do not have in stock we will special order it and compete with internet pricing! Shop local!

Wine Expert Kits Available at Quirky Homebrew Supply!

Quirky now stocks Wine Expert kits, the classic choice for home wine makers. They have a continually expanding line of kits from beginner to advanced with a wide variety of flavors. A popular choice among home winemakers, these kits return solid results. We are happy to special order any Wine Expert kit at no additional charge and compete with internet pricing! The Wine Expert series includes the folllowing labels: * Vintners Reserve * Vintners Reserve World Vineyard * Selection Premium * Selection International * Eclipse * Limited Edition (LE) * Island Mist * Speciale * Note that not all varieties are always available with new ones being added regularly and some being phased out.

Quirky Homebrew Supply is your Wine Expert retailer!

Wintners Harvest Fruit Kits

The Vintners Harvest line of fruit wine bases use premium quality pure fruit, packed in it's own juice, with no artificial preservatives. These 96oz wine base's are designed for fruit wine makers. Fruit bases include: * Apple * Apricot * Blackberry * Black Currant * Blueberry * Boysenberry * Cherry * Cranberry * Elderberry * Gooseberry * Kiwi * Loganberry * Marionberry * Peach * Pear * Plum * Raspberry * Rhubarb * Strawberry *

Quirky stocks a selection of wine bases and fruit purees from Vintners Harvest

Additives, Yeast, Equipment and more!

Quirky Homebrew carries a full line of wine making equipment and supplies from oak spirals and chips to speciaty liquid yeast and everything in between. Whether you want to condition your water or modify your flavor, we have the products you need. Floor corkers, a wide selection of wine bottles like red, clear, frosted, blue, claret, punt and more. Tasting corks to high quality corks for years of storage and aging. Testing equipment, from acid kits to hydrometers, wine thiefs to filters and specialty fillers, even label making paper, Quirky Homebrew Supply is your locallly owned, internet competitive wine making supply store!

Support local, shop local, shop Quirky Homebrew Supply!

Special Offerings!

2014 Limited Edition Kits from Wine Expert-Pre orders due Dec 7th

We will try to carry some extra limited edition and restriced quantity kits to stock in the store. Please call to check availability.

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We are happy to order any wine kits you want-just ask!