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Make Your Own Beer!

From beginner to advanced, Quirky Homebrew has what you need!

Quirky Has The Gear You Need To Make Your Own Beer!

Quirky has all the individual items you need for purchase or the convenience of the BSG Select Homebrew Equipment Kit series. This box contains what you need to start brewing. Even experienced brewers use the same gear. We chose these kits as our primariy offering as everything inside you will use again and again. As you increase your brewing skills and expand your styles, you can continue to use everything these kits offer. It is your choice to upgrade, supplement or replace items. Take care of it and this kit will last for years and years of homebrew fun.

We all start somewhere-Start with Quirky today!

Quirky Has Easy to Advanced Kits

Quirky has a wide selection of ingredient kits to assist the first time brewer in making a great beer to offering the experienced brewer a complex flavor profile. From Pale Ale to Whiskey Barrel Stout, there is sure to be one you want to try! We recently added the Quirky Line of ingredient kits to the mix and also have a computer for public use to browse recipes and a knowledgable staff to assist in a unique beer design. No matter what you want to brew, from a professionally assembled Rogue clone to your own original style, we have it here at Quirky!

BSG Select Kits-True Brew Kits-Quirky's Own Kits-Brewers Best Kits-Brewcraft and Brewcraft Rogue kits!

All Grain and Advanced Brewing with Quirky Homebrew

Quirky has simple all grain kits designed for the low cost "Beer In A Bag" also known as BIAB style of all grain brewing. Using a 10gal pot and a low cost reusable bag, you can step into all grain brewing. These kits also work for the more complex mash tun systems. We have the gear for you assemble your own system, we sell prebuilt systems, brew frames, and more. Ready to customize a recipe? Quirky Homebrew has over 170 grains in stock! We sell in any quantity, including bulk. We have over 100 pellet hops and a selection of leaf hops from 1oz to 11 lb quantities. Our yeast list is over 180 strong and growing, all yeast are available as often as possible but, especially Gigayeast, we can only offer what we can get from the wholesalers.

Lets build a recipe together-come on by Quirky Homebrew today!

Quirky Homebrew Supply Carries All Major Brands and MORE!

Bairds * Bayou Classic * Best Maltz * Blichmann * Brew Something * BrewCraft * Brewers Best * Briess * BSG * Canada Malting * Castle Malting * Cold Break Brewing * Crisp Malting * DanStar * Fawcett Malting * Gambrinus * Gigayeast * Great Western Malting * Lallemand * MaltEurop * Malting Company of Ireland * Mangrove Jacks * MFB * Muntons * Patagonia * Polar Ware * Rahr * Ruby Street * SafAle/SafLager/SafBrew Yeast * Schill * Simpsons * Speidel * Weyermann Malt * White Labs * WYeast * ...and more

Come visit today to see our complete selection. If we do not have it, we will order it for you and compete with internet pricing!

Some Product List

Grains in stock with bulk pricing-Updated Sept 2015-PDF

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Useful Documents

Select city water profiles-PDF
Voss Farms Hop Growing Guide-PDF
Grain to Extract Conversion Guide-PDF

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