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Make Your Own Soda!

Natural, you control ingredients, fun to make with the kids!

Quirky Has The Gear You Need To Make Your Own soda!

Quirky has all the individual items you need for purchase to make your own soda! All you really need is a container to mix it in (like a bottling bucket with spigot), a spoon to stir it, a bottle tube, bottles, caps and a capper or save some 2-liter soda bottles and re-use them! Making soda takes under 30 minutes and can be kegged and force carbonated for immediate enjoyment or with Claymore kits, added to carbonated water and ready to drink. You can also bottle the soda and then it will nauturally carbonate over a week or so and be ready to drink!

We all start somewhere-Start with Quirky today!

Rainbow Soda Kits

Quirky Homebrew sells the very popular and traditional soda making extracts from Rainbow. These 4oz bottles make 4 gallons of your favorite soda flavors! Just add water, a sweetener and then yeast if bottle conditioning and you are done! While yeast needs corn sugar for best results, you can use any sweetener you choose for flavoring. Some people use honey or agave syrup, others use artifical sweeteners or table sugar. Make it the way you want for yourself and your family. Flavors include root beer, birch beer, sarsaparilla soda, ginger, cherry, cream, cola, orange, raspberry and lemon-lime.

Rainbow soda kits-enjoyed by kids and parents, making them together, sharing them together.

Claymore Brewing Soda Kits

Claymore kits are from a Denver company that takes soda making back to basics-providing you with the ingredients to make your own extract and then add that to carbonated or seltzer water to create a soda. THis is old school fun and taste! A variety of flavors are available and stocked at Quirky Homebrew supply. Belgian soda, cream soda, tea and lemonade in small batch (about 2.3 gallon) and large batch (about 5 gallon) kits.

Using spices and natural ingredents, make your own custom flavors with Claymore kits

Gnome Soda kits

Gnome soda kits have been around for years and are considered a favorite among many homebrewers. Using all natural ingedients, they are tasty and easy. Quirky Homebrew carries the root beer and cream soda flavorings.

Gnome soda extract-for the gnome in all of us!