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Distillation and Home Liquor Making!

Weather you are distilling or making your own liquor, Quirky has your gear!

Home Stills-Available at Quirky

Quirky has the equipment available for home use from multiple suppliers but prefers the products available from Still Spirits. They have a host of options, flavorings, ingredients and products for the home user. Visit them today at and we can add your request to our next shipment from our USA based wholesaler

Consult local laws and please be safe

Quick and easy liquor kits

Quirky has a variety of liquor making extracts available and kits as well, some are speecial order but many are in stock. These are essential flavorings that take a neutral spirit like vodka and turn it into a flavored spirit clone.

If we do not have it in stock, we will order it for you!

We Carry A Variety

Turbo yeast, liquid distillers yeast, distillers malt, reference books and more. We typically have what you need in stock.

Watch the calendar and Facebook page for a distillers club coming soon! There is no distillation allowed on premise at Quirky or classes offered.

Home Distillation Laws-It Is Illegal

TBB Website Website
State of Colorado Website

Quirky Homebrew does not condone the violation of any laws-please make sure you are aware of your actions.

Make your own liquor

Liquor making is fully legal and typically involves either fermenting a highly fermentable concentrate to achieve a low level alcoholic spirit (roughly 40 proof) or mixing a select group of ingredients with a store bought ditilled spirit.