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Make Your Own Cider!

From beginner to advanced, Quirky Homebrew has what you need!

Quirky Has The Gear You Need To Make Your Own Cider!

Quirky has all the individual items you need for purchase or the convenience of either the BSG Select Homebrew Equipment Kit K6 series or Vintener's Reserve Wine Equipment Kit. These kits contain what you need to start making your own cider. You can choose either the beer making or wine making kit for cider, as long as the fermenters are over 6.5 gallons in size. All cider kits are designed for 6 gallon batches, so you need a larger fermenter to allow for ample yeast space. If you want to make wine as well, then go with the wine kit, if you want to make beer as well, then choose the beer kit. It is your choice to upgrade, supplement or replace items. Take care of it and these kits will last for years and years of homebrew cider fun.

We all start somewhere-Start with Quirky today!

Mangrove Jack's Cider Series

Quirky Homebrew is a supplier of the excellent Mangrove Jakc's series of cider making ingredients. Mangrove Jacks cider kits contain juice concentrate and yeast packets, just add corn sugar (dextrose) and water. Be patient, let it ferment, bottle and enjoy. An easy four step process to go from package to enjoying a great cider. Mangrove Jacks offers a variety of cider kits and we stock them all. Try the apple cider, spiced apple cider, mixed berry cider, pear cider or strawberry and pear cider. These are awesome kits.

Mangrove Jacks Cider kits-Straight from Australia/New Zealand to your home, enjoy a cider today mate!

Brewers Best Cider House Select Kits!

The Brewers Best line already boast some amazing beer kits, now they have come up with the Cider House Select series of cider kits! New in mid 2014, these kits make a great cider product and are from England. The flavors include cherry cider, mixed berry cider, apple cider, blueberry cider, pear cider, spiced apple cider, raspberry lime cider and strawberry pear cider. These kits require corn sugar (dextrose) and water and include yeast packets. Easy to make, enjoyable and refreshing. Cider House select kits from England!

Brewers Best Cider House Select kits now available at Quirky Homebrew Supply!

Classic Munton's Cider Kits

Munton's Cider kits have been around longer than any other brand. From England, these kits contain two 3.3 lb cans of concentrate and just need water to bring up to volume of six gallons. With two flavors-autumn blush cider and mixed berry cider-these kits are classic favorites. Easy to make and enjoyable, come by and get your kit today.

Munton's Cider kits-classic English ciders for the home cider maker!

Colorado Cider Houses

Stem Ciders-Quirky's Favorite!
Rocky Mountain Wild Cider
Fermentally Challenged website list of cider houses
Make cider yourself and support your local cider maker!

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