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A Little About Us

The Quirky Short Story

A long time ago...Greg (Quirky) was CEO of BSR Southern Nevada Group. A big title for a small company but BSR owned a handful of businesses including Greg's favorite, a homebrew store called "Mr. Radz Homebrew Supply".
The initial store was small and simple. The first customer was Bob Barnes who spent a solid half hour trying to decide what to buy-not due to selection but rather lack of. Within a few years, the store doubled in size, hosted events, hosted two local homebrew clubs and was well known.
Greg became a guest lecturer at UNLV on beer and wine and food pairing and had his own class on beer making. During one of these classes, Michael Ferguson from Gordon Biersch brewing came in and tried the beer. He was so impressed, he offered Greg a job brewing at Barley's, a G.B. facility at the time.
Being the Barley's brewer was a huge learning curve and a ton of fun and very time consuming. Michael Ferguson was the regional and opening multiple locations. He was very dedicated and very demanding of his brewers-rightfully so, he was determined all the beer would live up to Dan Gordon's high expectations and we would perform above any other brewer. An awesome mentor and someone Greg respects a great deal for his knowledge and passion and who can easily be credited with a great deal of Greg's brewing knowledge.
In 1998 Greg sold Mr. Radz and moved to Colorado where he became a home wine maker and proceeded to make close to 1000 bottles of wine and only dabbled with beer until...
2011, during a backyard BBQ, Greg was talking about brewing and some friends insisted he brew right then. So they piled into the car and headed to the liquor store. And then the homebrew store. In 2012 talk of a tap house ensued and Greg designed and perfected a handful of initial recipes to share with investors, friends and critics. The tap house almost came to be when the landlord and the tap house partners came to an impasse. It was all cancelled.
After reflecting a few months, Greg decided to turn his focus to meeting the demand of local brewers, professional and amateur and thus, the store known as Quirky's Homebrew Supply was born.
The name was an easy one-Many have called Greg 'Quirky' (talk to him a while, you will know why!) and thus coined the store name Quirky Homebrew Supply.
The official Grand Opening with cake and food from Garlic Knots from Thornton, Northglenn City Officials, friends and customers, occurred on November 1st, 2013. Since opening day, Quirky's has continued to expand product offerings, educational oppotunities and contributed to multiple events by being a drop off point, donating prizes and event promotion.
We are open and excited to be part of the Metro Denver Homebrew community. Come on in and visit us when you are ready for your next brew!
**Support your local homebrew shop so you have a local homebrew shop! Support Quirky Homebrew Supply!**

The Quirky family thanks you for shopping with us!


Adam Draeger-Professional Brewer, Yak and Yeti, Colorado Plus

Greg and his staff have done a great job to make Quirky the one-stop shop for homebrewers focusing on the largest selections of malt, hops, yeast as well as equipment that you can find anywhere. Even the pro-brewer needs to pick up a lb of specialty grain sometimes.

Todd Williamson-2014-2015 President, Keg Ran Out Club (

Quirky Homebrew is more than just a great homebrew shop... Greg and his crew have created a business that reminds me of the good old days. You walk in, you are welcomed by the owner, his kids are running around helping and playing. (soon they will be brewing) You feel like part of the family. If you want something that isn't presently in the store, Greg will work hard to find it, and get it for you. Old School Customer Service, mixed with new technology, topped off with expert knowledge and advice. Get off the internet and support Quirky's... buy local, drink local, and brew local

Gray Slater-2014-2015 President Hop Barley and Alers (

Quirky is what all homebrewers want in a local shop. It is a candyland of malts, hops, yeast and gadgets.

This place is fantastic! Greg has so much knowledge and is always helping us brew the perfect homebrew! Definitely recommend if you haven't been in. Plus the prices are great!
Lona Garner-Facebook Review
Home brewers dream come true! SO much choice, blows anything local away! Get ready to file the divorce papers with your on-line supply shop; you won't be needing her anymore! Thanks Quirky!
Jay Mackinaw-Facebook Review
Quirky Homebrew is the best. I am new to brewing and Greg has been the greatest. Very knowledgeable and always willing to share his expertise. The selection of grains, hops, kits, both beer and wine as well as other supplies is fantastic.
Fred Keil-Facebook Review
Best customer service our of all the brewing shops. Best prices out of all the brewing shops from including Aurora, Denver, and Boulder
S.L. Colorado Springs CO-Yelp Review
More grain and yeast choices than any other place. I didn't even know there were so many saison yeast strains. You also have to check out the hop smelling station.
Luis A-Yelp Review
By far the best homebrew shop I have been to. Selection and prices rival online if not beat them. I used to buy everything I could online, because I was so dissatisfied with the homebrew shops in the metro area. No need to anymore, and this way I don't have to wait for it. Keep it up! This place deserves your business.
Marcus P-Google Review
These guys are very knowledgeable, and friendly with good prices. I bought some grain and misc items I needed today, and walked out happy. I'll drive out of my way. They also have some malts I have not seen before
Nick T-Facebook
Quirky is the go to for all of your fermenting needs. Top notch wine kit selection from the top two manufacturers. Beer ingredient selection and pricing are peerless in the region. Greg is also very knowledgable and responsive, if he doesn;t have it he will get it for you. All of that and the best local prices.
Cody B-Avid brewer
All I have to say is WOW!!!!!! Quirky Homebrew Supply is the only store I've walked into and was able to leave with everything I needed. Greg is very knowledgeable and is always willing to answer questions. Prices are very competitive probably the cheapest I've seen in any store. I think the most impressive areas of the store are the grain room which contains over 130+ grains and the variety of hops in the cooler. There are hops that I have never heard of but excited to try them in my recipes. Greg is always posting new items and sales on Facebook. Quirky Homebrew is my new favorite homebrew store in Denver!!!!! Oh, did I mention the store is open 7 days a week.
Chuck W-Google Review